Everywhere You Are (Even a Blizzard…)

The rewards you get from your Five Stars Card go with you everywhere.  They´re tied to your phone number so you never lose them, and you can access your rewards online (as well as getting free points for promoting your favorite restaurants/coffee shops/ salons on facebook).

But more than anything, the Five Stars team is dedicated to put Five Stars where you are (so much so that we tried to put a Five Stars Card on the top of Mt. Shasta).

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From ice axes to skis to crampons, we geared up for snow camping and a long climb, and made it part way up Shasta only to be stopped by a blizzard. Back in Mountain View (in one piece), we are working hard to bring Five Stars everywhere you shop, eat and drink!


About Eric Burdullis

California Native. Husband of @luckyandi. Father to Lucy and @princejackpup. Senior Director of Customer Experience at Lyft.
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One Response to Everywhere You Are (Even a Blizzard…)

  1. jeffdoka says:

    Five stars, you are so awesome. I love your card. Keep going on sweet trips so I can keep getting sweet deals.

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