The Five Stars Card

Read this if you are wondering, “how can I get rewarded for doing the things I already do?” or if you are the type of person who needs to be on the cutting edge of (let´s be honest) everything.

Let´s start simple. Pull out your wallet. Take out all the frequent buyer cards, the punch cards, the loyalty cards, and look at your wallet.  Thin, sleek, and sophisticated like… like you.

The Five Stars Card does that for you. For $free.99 (really). It is the universal loyalty card that enables you to use one card at every store in our network, to earn great rewards at cool places for coffee, tea, restaurants, salons, auto care (heck just about everywhere), and to manage your rewards online.

Check out the website, grab a card from one of our local retailers (in the South Bay), and start earning rewards today!


About Eric Burdullis

California Native. Husband of @luckyandi. Father to Lucy and @princejackpup. Senior Director of Customer Experience at Lyft.
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7 Responses to The Five Stars Card

  1. Albert Yan says:

    I registered my card on line. I have an account. But the registration never asked me for the bar code on my card. How does it link my account to my card????????????

    • When you registered your card, did you enter in the phone number you used at the store? Through your phone number, your card automatically gets linked to your account. Hope this answers your question!

      • Singe says:

        I registered my card, I have an account, but there’s nowhere on the site I can find where I could enter either a phone number that I gave at the store, nor a bar code..

      • Right on the homepage, there is a phone number field where you can enter the phone number you gave in store to register. Hope this solves your problem!

      • singe says:

        “Right on the homepage, there is a phone number field where you can enter the phone number you gave in store to register.”

        When I originally went there, there was no such thing. Now there is, but it says I can’t register because my phone number is already registered.

  2. Dave says:

    I see all the excellent bonuses you can get with the card, but my question is this? How many points do you earn when you visit a business? $1 a point? 1 point per visit? The website is pretty vague on this topic. Also then redeeming the points? Through the website or at the retailer? I have the card and it is plenty intriguing but these answers will definitely help. Thanks!

    • Each individual businesses establishes their own point structure so it is dependent on what they have set up. Same thing with redemption. One each business’ page, it will say earn 10 points, get ____ free. You redeem points at the retailer.

      Hope this helps!

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