And I will make you fishers of deals…

You usually don’t expect your lead programmer to be a master fisherman.  I always thought the guy liked dark rooms and Star Wars (Episode 4-6 only), but when he yanked three plump cod out of the bay on ONE LINE, I learned never to doubt the dev team.  Ever.

At 7 AM Sunday morning Five Stars had three ships in the water.  Two boats had experienced fishermen on board; I was on the third.  Sure, the noobie boat had its problems–stalled engine, snagged lines, and forgotten tackle.  But that didn’t stop us from pulling twenty five rock cod and vermillion out of the bay, keeping us even with the pros.     We even made it on the Capitola Boat Rental Blog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a good day for Five Stars.  Each of our boats had a catch numbering well into the twenties, giving our account manager, Eric, a lot to work with as he fried up our flaky, sweet, and delicious fish tacos that evening.   If Eric ever decides to open up a restaurant (using Five Stars as his loyalty card, of course), I would be his best customer.

Oh, and Jingsong, our lead developer, made the Capitola Blog too:


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