The Office

No… Steve Carell hasn’t shown up to Mountain View yet (still crossing my fingers), but we HAVE moved from our living room to an office.  The office means great things for our company. It means we have more space to bring on more developers to pump out cool features and more sales guys to get the Five Stars Card everywhere you are!

And it also affords us the opportunity to put co-workers staplers in jello, have costume parties at Halloween, and give meaningful titles to everyone: I name you Assistant to the Regional Manager of Five Stars!

Unfortunately for our waistlines, we moved across the street from Krispy Kreme and In-n-Out both of which don’t bode well for our general health and fitness.  (For me, I’m going to NEED to start biking to the office).

The most exciting part is the new additions to the Five Stars family!


About Eric Burdullis

California Native. Husband of @luckyandi. Father to Lucy and @princejackpup. Senior Director of Customer Experience at Lyft.
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