Happenings at HQ

Everyone I know asks me if working at a start-up is like the Social Network. And no, it’s not. Well, our devs do get “plugged in” when they are pushing out an update to the site, or rolling out a feature.  And we DO work around the clock.  But it’s fun! and even more fun when you get to run ad campaigns like these on our FB page

And it feels epic here at headquarters.  It feels like a storm is building when you close 40+ businesses in a week (mad shout-outs to our sales team), and you start rolling out all the cool features that you’ll see soon on our website: Five Stars Card. Or you can just check out our map.

All in all we are rolling forward! We have around 150 businesses and are adding more everyday and working hard to bring Five Stars closer to you and the places that you love in the Bay Area! As for our team we are now 20 people strong and growing 🙂

If you have any questions or comments or are just a curious business owner, we are here for you, and here to help! info@fivestarscard.com


About Eric Burdullis

California Native. Husband of @luckyandi. Father to Lucy and @princejackpup. Senior Director of Customer Experience at Lyft.
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