“FiveStars Rewards Program Lightens Wallets, Eventually Saves Money”

FiveStars Rewards Program Lightens Wallets, Eventually Saves Money

Tamara Palmer/The FeastFive check-ins on the FiveStar Card at Berkeley’s C.R.E.A.M. earns one free ice cream sandwich.

Between eateries and gift shops, it’s easy to carry so many frequent shopper cards that your wallet has lost its original shape. Silicon Valley start-upFiveStars has come up with a consolidating solution, a rewards program that replaces individual businesses’ punch cards with one digital version that adds its own extra incentives for visiting. The growing list of participants includes a selection of restaurants, bakeries, coffee/tea houses, and dessert eateries mainly located from San Francisco to the South Bay; the latter, being home to FiveStars, is particularly well represented at the moment.

Some of the best deals to be had right now include checking in ten times at S.F.’s Pho Garden for a free bowl of pho, or five times at Berkeley’sC.R.E.A.M. to receive one free ice cream sandwich. We know that every week seems to bring another hustling discount service, but since this one appears to differ in its model from the glut of coupon sites out there, we’re not ready to count it out just yet. [The Feast]


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