Get to Know Us: ERIC

Eric is our account manager.  Eric is the man.  Not the man as in the evil guy wearing a five thousand dollar suit and sitting in a glass encrusted office, but the man as in, “Wow, did that guy just work an eighteen hour day so the good people of this town can get sweet rewards?  He’s the man!”

However, in your attempt to get to know the man, Eric, you may ask me, “What composes his eighteen hour day of awesomeness?” Don’t worry, grasshopper, that’s what I’m here to answer.

1.) Eric manages accounts:  Unfortunately, Five Stars cards don’t rain down from the glorious heavens (yet…).  So in the mean time, it’s Eric who keeps business well supplied, happy, and handing out cards.

Eric's Card Workflow

The workflow of cards from Eric to you. As you'll see later his graphic design skills are better than mine. (not done in paint)

2.) Eric designs marketing:  And he designs it well.  I mean, have you seen our awesome Five Stars posters he set up on Castro St. in Mountain View–so sweet.

Win Sauce

The ad of awesomeness

3.) Eric designs store materials: Whenever you walk into a five stars card store, you’re instantly greeted by another of Eric’s creations.  One that looks a little something like this:

A store ad

A typical store ad

4.) Eric hires interns: Managing hundreds of accounts–yes, those are all places you can use your five stars card–is too much for one man.  Unless… that man clones himself into unpaid duplicates…  interns…  perfect.

(Here’s the list of all the places you can use your five stars card in case you were wondering –> the list)

5.) Eric does social media: Twitter, blog (they know better than to let me write all of them), facebook–Eric is the man behind a LOT of it.  He was professionally social media trained during his Kiva Fellowship.  I really don’t know what professional social media means, but I bet it’s awesome.

6.) Eric does other things I don’t remember: Yes, I’m not perfect, and I didn’t give this THAT much thought (probably why they don’t let me write all the blogs).  But if you ever wonder, “I wonder who get’s all the chairs for five stars…” or any other random questions, the answer is probably Eric.

Overall, we’re lucky to have Eric on the team.  He was our fourth employee (now we’re pushing 20), and he has been kicking butt ever since.  If you’re a loyal customer to one of the five stars stores, there’s a good chance you’ll see him around.  This is him:

Eric on an epic snowy mountain

If you see him in one of our stores (or on an epic snowy mountain), give him a high five or something because he is the rockstar of rewards and no matter what, he’ll always be out there helping you get free stuff.


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