Get to know us: Jingsong & Michael

I don’t know any other Jingsongs so I can safely say that I don’t know anyone like him.  And obviously there is no one quite like Michael Su.  They were our original two developers – Jingsong, the lead dev and Michael, the intern.  Past are Michael’s intern days were he helped build the fivestars site up to what it is today and past are his pre-21 days.  Also, past are his days finishing his degree at Berkeley! (ok, so he’s going back next semester, but for right now we have him full-time!)

Jingsong - The Fisherman

Jingsong is a fisherman first, and a developer second. (Or so he wishes). His tendency to rush down to the ocean whenever the salmon or halibut are running or when the bass are spawning is innate.  He also is a pretty rockstar dev leading the fivestars charge in the ways of truth and enlightenment as he builds new features for the platform. So if you like the fact that you can share your favorite restaurants on facebook, track your points online or that you get free points toward your favorite restaurants when you register, thank him.

Michael on a roadtrip

This is Michael.  He is happy. And smiling. He also works pretty hard. Actually really hard: he started to go blind because he was looking at the computer screen too long.  (Now we make him take more breaks).  He has built the entire business dashboard (owners thank him!) and he dropped out of Berkeley for the semester to launch fivestars’ platform to a whole new level.  Friend him on facebook!!!!

The end


About Eric Burdullis

California Native. Husband of @luckyandi. Father to Lucy and @princejackpup. Senior Director of Customer Experience at Lyft.
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