New Month – New Horizons

It’s day three, and October is already impressing me.  We have officially given out over 5,000 cards through a partnership with the magazine Made Local.  The beautiful insert is pictured below, but please don’t hesitate to grab one!

Also–yes, I said also–last week we signed up fifty new businesses!  Insane, I know.  So now you can use your card at new spots from all the way down at the Beard Papa’s in Milpitas up to AK Subs in San Fransisco.

Long story short there are more cards out there in the big wide world and more places to use them to get deals.  I think we are amazing too.  Enjoy!


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I am Jeff Doka.
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2 Responses to New Month – New Horizons

  1. JW Smith says:

    How do I connect the card with the email that I gave you on your web site?

    There seems to be no way to relate a card # to an account!

    Looks like a scam!

    • jeffdoka says:

      all the information ties to the phone number. So as long as the phone number your card is registered to in the store is the same as the phone number you used for your online registration, you’ll be good to go.

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