Because It’s the Holidays

Turkey is pretty amazing.  Sweet Potato Casserole is awesome.  And passing out in front of football games is even better.  Admittedly, we did partake in a few of these niceties over the holidays, but a lot of our crew dropped more than a few hours working in the field and hacking together a shiny new version of FiveStars on their computers.

So the big question is, besides stuffing our face with Turkey on Thursday, what exactly have we been up to?

Let me break it down for you:

1.)  Redesigning the GUI (that’s nerd for Graphical User Interface (which is further nerd for how the program looks to the cashier)).  Ok, yes, you probably won’t directly experience the glory and easy of the new user interface, BUT you’ll notice a lot more restaurants will greet you by name, and be extra nice if you are a VIP. (you’re welcome)  Just remember to register online and input all that fun info.

2.)  Let me give you a demo of a tape that has been playing in my head after the holidays, “Wow, I remember when FiveStars was three guys in a living room, now we have 100,000 people who use us in San Francisco AND WE JUST OPENED OUR LOS ANGELES OFFICE!!!”  It’s ok, catch your breath.

Behold my microsoft paint skills and the beautiful star falling right into the middle of LA–this symbolizes my excitement and emotions about the new office.

3.)  Recruiting, troubleshooting, and enhancing!  Big words indeed.  But we’ve been doing all three this break.  We’ve kept signing on new business right through the holidays so you’ll have more places to get sweet deals, and we’ve been signing up more people at the stores we already have!  And, yes, I’ll admit we do troubleshooting too–no program is perfect–but we’ve fixed bugaboos and we are making FiveStars more efficient every day.  So that means more cards, less hassles, and more places to use them.

I can see you now.  You’re sitting by your computer with your hands folded, and you’re muttering something like, “Wow, if anyone has ever drank the FiveStars koolaid, it’s Jeff.”

You’re right, I love FiveStars, and I am SUPER excited we’re going to be in Los Angeles spreading deals and love.  Come hang out with us or grab a FiveStars Card and you’ll understand.  We’re now giving small businesses the best loyalty card platform in the world for pennies, because they deserve it.  Because they help foster community and bring people together.  And that’s what the holidays are all about.

So while you eat your leftovers from Thanksgiving and gear up for Christmas, grab a FiveStars Card, support local business, and know that we are spreading the good news from San Francisco to LOS ANGELES!!!!


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