Happy New Year

First post from a new member of the Five Stars Family—Tim! We are stoked to have him on the team.  Lately, he has been busy writing copy for FiveStars and tricking out our Facebook/Foursquare pages. He is a senior at San Jose State studying entrepreneurship. He enjoys surfing, big words, producing music, meditating, soccer, self help books, and mastering new accents/impersonations. In the favorite food category, his favs are: candy, candy, candy, more candy, cheese cake, and the occasional NY steak(medium). His  favorite FiveStars spot is Rock N Salsa. Check out his first post below:

2011 must have been the year of the bull because our loyalty program was raging. We are equally excited about 2012 and in the process of taking our loyalty program to the next level.

What’s the latest with Five Stars? We are paving the future of loyalty with  facebook auto check-ins. This will allow people to automatically share their location on Facebook when they use their card at their favorite Five Stars business. What better way to spread the reward?!

Going into the future we want to do our very best to make sure the Five Stars program is a continued success for all our wonderful users. When it comes to loyalty, it’s essential to make the absolute most out of the program. There are two core components to making this happen.

1. Getting the customers excited.
2. Getting the employees excited.

When the customers are juiced through amazing rewards, they become devoted to patronizing your business every week to gain points. The only way this can happen is by having dedicated employees set on spreading awareness of the program and signing people up. The recipe for a loyal customer is as easy as getting a name and a phone number.

The sky’s the limit with Five Stars. Build your fan base today!

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