Get Social

We’re living in the midst of a digital revolution. For the first time in history, millions of people are accessing and sharing information instantaneously. At the epicenter of this movement is social media. That’s why FiveStars loves sites like Facebook and Foursquare so much.

Part of my experience as an intern has been designing the FiveStars social media experience, primarily on Facebook and Foursquare. It’s all about engagement! These sites allow us to get to know you.

Check us out on Facebook! We’re always thinking of new ways to turn the page with our fan page. How many times a week do use your card? What’s your favorite type of FiveStars business? Let us know in one of our featured polls. Need some pocket change? Tell us what your favorite reward is for a $25 gift certificate. We’re always running contests to spread the love. Q and A. We got the Q’s, do you have the A’s?

We got polls! We got contests! So what’s next? Next week we’ll be rolling out three awesome new ways to enhance your social media experience. Make way for Facebook check-ins! These will allow you to earn points 50% faster every time you visit a FiveStars business and check into Facebook. Look out for Facebook reward sharing! Let all your friends know when you get that mouthwatering empanada or that irresistible milk tea. Then get pumped for the opportunity to rake in massive points whenever you near a reward. All you have to do is “Connect with Facebook” at and update your account to enable Check-ins under “Facebook Settings”.

Join us on Foursquare! Haven’t used Foursquare before? It’s a site that lets you check-in online and leave tips with your mobile phone when you visit a business. By checking into a certain number of times at certain businesses, you can unlock nifty badges. By achieving the most check-ins, you can become the “mayor” of a business. At our office, everyone wants to be the mayor. Sign up for an account and run for office today!

What have we been doing on Foursquare? Lists, lists, lists! To make Foursquare more user friendly we created brand spanking new lists that distinguish between the hundreds of different types of businesses using our service. This includes places like FiveStars restaurants, nightlife, bakeries, etc. Each list is tricked out with tons of cool pictures and tips letting you know the awesome reward being offered.

Come join the party on Facebook and Foursquare!

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2 Responses to Get Social

  1. Gerald Aguinaga says:

    Vic, haven’t seen you forever. Give me a call would like to chat with you

  2. Gerald Aguinaga says:

    Vic, I bow before your endless glory.

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