Interning Round 2

People always ask me, “what is interning at a start up like?”

In the last article I touched on some of my responsibilities.

Through this post, I’ll paint you the picture, the whole picture and nothing but the picture (Jack Nicholson reference lol)!

I’ll take you on a voyage through the mind of a start-up intern. So get ready, start up, and go!

Core Mindset 1:

You MUST have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Most of the time I am expected to initiate projects. I am expected to identify tasks where I can improve FiveStars. Throughout the week, I work with Eric who is like my boss, but the nature of my work is very self-directed and dynamic. Realistically, I can take on ANY project I can conceive that will create value. It’s nerve wracking. It strange! But most of all it’s awesome! The nature of this dynamic keeps work fresh; super fresh! By virtue of this workflow, I always feel engaged to think outside of the box. Metaphorically, the balls in my court so I aim to dunk it every time. Bottom line: it’s all about creating projects and projecting success into them.

Core Mindset 2:

You need to be constantly aware; aware of the changes taking place around you. Everything is fluid. Everything is in flux. These means staying connected with my coworkers through cell phone, email, signal flair, Navajo Cyptology, google docs, beacons of Gondor, morse code, telepathy, and any other “in vogue” means of connecting. Being part of FiveStars means I am part of a team. Being part of this team means staying in sync.

Interning is a state of mind. In turning this page of my life, I have grown immeasurably. And for that I am thankful.

Over and Out,

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