My Tpumps Adventure!

It’s always important to know what customers are thinking. Five Stars used this past Wednesday to catch up with card users at Tpumps, a boba house, in San Mateo. Needless to say, we had plenty of Five Stars swag handy. I personally passed out at least thirty pairs of Five Stars sunglasses.

The origins of this event date back to last last year. I thought it would be great to write a blog post about customer reactions. So here it is.

Leading up to the event, I was super excited, but soon realized I was in over my head. As the event date approached, I felt anxious; super anxious because I would be meeting tons of people I didn’t know.

This event accomplished many things, not least of which, was allowing me to break out of my comfort zone and connect with lots of interesting, unique people. It also gave me a deeper understanding of the program at the consumer level.

I asked a wide variety of questions ranging from what places do you use your Five Stars card at to what features would you like to see from Five Stars in the future.

Many of the people didn’t know that Five Stars was all over the Bay Area. When I told them we were in over 500+ and not just Tpumps they were shocked. I explained you can follow us on Foursquare or use to lookup Five Stars providers.

One really interesting suggestion I heard was from a guy named Gabe. He had a great idea. It would be nice if you could Five Stars points towards buying Five Stars branded merchandise on our website. We’re always exploring new ideas, so expect the unexpected!

What that really stood out to me was Alex, the owner. He signs up virtually everyone that walks through the door. This has allowed Tpumps to take off even more and bring in more customers, more frequently. Virtually everyone had a card that I spoke with. Talk about sweet rewards!

Overall, the experience was a lot of fun. My biggest take away from talking to people was that they love the rewards their earning, which keep them coming back. Essentially the program creates enduring loyalty. Bingo! Exactly what our team strives for everyday.

And yes, I give the experience Five Stars!…

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