What Happens in Vegas Goes Nationwide

Some have said that those of us at FiveStars like to “do it big.”  I would assert that they are indeed correct.  Our presentations in Vegas’s Pizza Expo and Bar and Nightclub Expo last week were as big as it gets.  We talked to some of the heftiest restaurant, bar, and pizza chains the great nation of America has to offer (as well as a few other chains based in other great nations like Spain).   We regaled them with the glory that is FiveStars and described how their customers deserve the hook ups FiveStars provides.

So yes, we had to tell Spain to wait, but if you take a look at our FiveStars Map, which I know you will, you’ll see a couple of new locations in Dallas, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  All because of the awesome FiveStars people that went to Las Vegas and the b-e-a-uuutiful stand:

Suggestive? Sure. Effective? You know it.

This little stand blew it out of the water.  A direct quote from one of the FiveStars team members who attended, “The stand was so busy when the expo started I could barely walk.  At one point I was talking to ten different business owners.”

Oh, yeah, that reminds me.  The team staffing the stand were cool too, I guess.  Here are pictures of some of them in action!

Gracie and Angela spreading the FiveStars Gospel.

I know what you’re thinking, “The decked out display and attractive FiveStars people are all right and whatever, but, Jeff, what did the brochures look like.”

STAY CALM!  I got you.

Mmm... Brochures.

Ok, well that’s pretty much a picture story of the Las Vegas Pizza Expo and Bar and Nightclub Expo, but the tale doesn’t end here.

As we speak, there are cheerful and excited FiveStars sales people lighting the phones up in those areas to make sure that every person at the expo who drooled a bit and mumbled, “Me likey FiveStars for my restaurant,” gets their wish.  FiveStars is going nationwide, and it’s starting now.  It could be tomorrow, it could be next month, but FiveStars will be in your city.  Soon, gnarly rewards will sprout up nationwide.  Very, very soon…


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