You and Your FiveStars Card – Part 2 (The Facebook)

You’ve had a long day, and you know the one thing that can make it a little bit shorter is a extra large boba tea from Verde Tea Cafe.  As you squeeze into line, you notice the person at the counter isn’t ordering, they’re on their phone checking into Facebook and twitter.  Only after two minutes of loading and updating does that person finally make their order.  Next person in line?  Same thing.  Next person? Same thing.  Day getting longer?  Thought so.

I know how you feel, but wipe those tears of impatient agony from your eyes.  We are here to stop that from ever happening again.  EVER.

Before I break down some of the cool FiveStars Facebook stuff, let me do a quick recap of Part 1:   FiveStars is a universal rewards card.  With your FiveStars card you can earn points for shopping and hundreds of local business, and earn rewards (free stuff) for being a good customer.  You only need one FiveStars card to eliminate all your paper stamp cards and make your life easier.  Say it with me, “This is my FiveStars card.  There are many like it, but this one is MINE…”   Too much?  Maybe, but I’ll let you decide after you hear about what we can do with social media:

1.)  Instant Check Ins: Making Social Fast

Remember that long day and that thoughtless fellow (yes, I said fellow) in the front of the line checking in on his cell phone?

Thing of the past.  Imagine a world where scanning your FiveStars to get your points instantly checks you in on facebook.  We did:

They come fully stocked with adorable pictures and simplicity.  All you have to do go to, input your phone number, and click on the big “Connect with Facebook” button as demonstrated below.

It’s easy. Do it. Do it NOW!

And when you register with Facebook, you can earn points faster.  This means two things: 1.) you are cooler–people respect people who check-in to support their local business  AND  2.)  You get cool rewards (yes, that means free boba tea–win).

2.)  Reward Wall Posts:  Because Bragging Rocks

Imagine you just got a free fro-yo from Tutti Frutti with your FiveStars Card.  It’s your day.  Joy at the free deliciousness you’ve just received wells up in your heart.  The longing to share your happiness, to share the simple pleasure of a free frozen yogurt with the world grips you.  You must express your surprise.  You must express your glee.

We got your back.

Awww Yeah

Now, you don’t have to put down your yogurt to tell all your friends you just got hooked up.  Enjoy your tasty treat, and know that somewhere out there, one of your friends is jealous.

3.)  Your Like is our Command:  To Hear is to Obey

We understand.  You’re looking through the awesome local businesses on FiveStars, and you notice that you are only one point away from a free empanada at the Mmoon.  You are happy.  Ok, happy’s an understatement.  You are livid with bliss (if that’s even emotionally possible).

How do you express yourself before the nuiance of your feelings fade.  Don’t desperately fumble over the internet trying to log into Facebook and find Mmoon’s page

Like them on the spot.  From your FiveStars points screen.

Mmmm. Empanadas.

Inner peace at being able to immediately express your emotions… priceless.

4.)  More Facebooks = More Points

I touched on this earlier, but I wanted to say it one more time before I released you to your mundane lives.  IF YOU CONNECT YOUR FIVESTARS CARD TO FACEBOOK, YOU CAN EARN REWARDS FASTER.

Got it?  Ok, just wanted to make sure.

Phew!  We went over a lot today, but the moral of the story is: Facebook + FiveStars = your life easier.  And remember, if being completely off the map is your thing, you can always go here to turn your facebook features off and on.

Well, that’s all for today.  Whether you choose to Facebook everything you do or ninja through life (and FiveStars), you’ll get some great rewards with FiveStars, and at least now you know your options.


Jeff Doka is a FiveStars employee. He likes long walks on the beach, moonlit nights, and loyalty cards.  He studied under the great loyalty gurus Ghu Zin Wheng and Cho Ni Bah under their minds he grew to new levels of limitless reward card enlightenment.


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