Get Involved with FiveStars — Become the Next Star

If you are reading this blog, there’s 40% chance you’ve got a decent idea of what FiveStars is and what we do.  If you don’t, read this: You and Your FiveStars Card.  Now that you’ve read that, you understand.  Yes, we are as awesome as we sound.

If you are like most people, at this point a tear is dripping down your cheek as you murmur, “I want to be like them.”  Your room falls silent.  All your life choices flash through your mind as the seconds pass, then you shrug and say, “Ok, I’d settle for at least hanging out with these heroic specimens of humanity.”

Fear not!

We’ve got some options for you.

1.) Interning

Yes, we may extort you like coffee farmers in Nicaragua, but think of all you’ll learn.  Just read more of this blog and you’ll see that one time we even let an intern articulate his thoughts and write articles for us!  There may have been someone behind him with a whip shouting, “Write faster, weakling!”  And that person may have been me, but at least he learned about start-ups and social media and merciless discipline!  You’re welcome, Tim.

In all seriousness, though, FiveStars is recruiting!  We are heading to the super awesome Recruiters Day and Career Fair at UCLA to look for intern and full time workers, and hiring is also in full swing in the Bay Area office.

If you are interested, please, for heaven’s sake, e-mail us at: you could be like these people:

You will be the learner, and we will be the older woman teaching you everything you'll ever need to know.

2.)  Fun-Lanthropy

We “FiveStarians” are involved in our communities and all that nonsense.  And so can you!

With our one step plan, you too can “give back” to your community alongside FiveStars.  Step 1: Join us.

We are working with some great non-profits in the area, and whether or not you work with us you should still get involved!  But you better work with us, or you’ll really hurt our feelings.

The first group we work with, is 1000 Hearts for 1000 Minds.  They sponsor a group called “Reading Partners,” and we are looking for more people to join us as we help improve literacy in the bay area!

In fact a reading partner session looks a lot like this:

In this case, we would be the older lady teaching kids everything they ever need to know... about reading.

Reading partners is SUPER FUN, and if a little voice in your head says, “I could use this as a positive reason to hang out with the awesome FiveStars crew,” listen to it.  Contact: for more details!

3.) Exercise With Us!

Just kidding, but there will be some hard work involved, because we are working with 2nd Mile (which sounds a lot like an exercise group if you ask me) to help with construction for a local elementary school.

Their events are not as regularly scheduled as Reading Partners nor do they have as many cool pictures of us showing people how to read, but we’re jumping in on a project with them this weekend and we’d love to have you along.

In this picture we would be the guy showing everyone proper etiquette in cement-wheelbarrow use.

You might ask, “Jeff, why the short notice?”  And I’ll reply, “DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!”

We may be a little late in the game on informing everyone about this event, but we promise to be better in the future.  Contact Angela at and she’ll keep you posted on the cool stuff we’re doing in the future!

In Conclusion:

Join us.

And you can learn from our awesomeness like so:

The woman symbolizes us teaching awesomeness to the world.


Jeff Doka is a FiveStars employee. He likes long walks on the beach, moonlit nights, and loyalty cards.  He studied under the great loyalty gurus Ghu Zin Wheng and Cho Ni Bah under their minds he grew to new levels of limitless reward card enlightenment.


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I am Jeff Doka.
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2 Responses to Get Involved with FiveStars — Become the Next Star

  1. Tmac says:

    FiveStars is on a clear trajectory of awesomeness!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jeff. I really digged the post. Ultra super mega funny!

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