FiveStars Exhibits at Coffee Fest Chicago

Last weekend, a few members from the FiveStars team flew to Chicago to be featured exhibitors at Coffee Fest 2012. This was our first time sharing the FiveStars concept outside of the West Coast and the responses we got from business owners were amazing! I mean, who doesn’t want to get rid of their messy punch card system?

FiveStars Coffee Fest Booth

By talking to hundreds of business owners all at one place, we were able to easily identify and discuss some of the biggest issues they have with their current loyalty systems:

  • Customers always lose and want to combine punch cards
  • People cheat the system and give themselves extra punches
  • They have a mobile app with abysmal adoption rates because only a few tech savvy customers with smartphones use it
  • Customers can’t see how many points they have (POS programs)
  • They offer no data tracking or ways to reach out to customers

If these are some of the same problems you encounter with your current loyalty program, get in touch with us! We easily eliminate all of these problems and more! FiveStars has created the most advanced loyalty solution on the market and it’s now available to businesses all over the country!  We’d love the opportunity to help your business run the most successful and profitable program possible.

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