All Eyes On the Local Tech Space

Below is a link to a fantastic article about the fast growing local tech space! Many people, including the author of this article, believe that this developing industry is likely to be bigger than the social and mobile industries. As someone working in emerging “local tech,” I’m very excited to see how this industry will continue to evolve over the next few years. One thing seems abundantly clear – new technology is about to drastically alter the way consumers and local businesses interact with each other.

Many people believe this change will go hand in hand with smartphone technology, but I’m not convinced. Google Wallet and other mobile payment apps like LevelUp have seen less than stellar adoption rates, as have other mobile apps aimed at helping small business owners. Then there’s Square, a young company that has a much different take on technological advances for local businesses. They could also be considered a “mobile payment” technology, but their product doesn’t require a big change in consumer or business behavior, i.e. pulling out a smartphone and downloading an app to pay. I’m very interested to see how more startups, like Square and of course FiveStars, can bring disruptive technology to the local space without being, well, disruptive… I think that’s going to be the determining factor in which companies emerge as the dominant players in the local tech movement.

To read the original article, click below:

Social-Mobile-LOCAL: “Local” Will Be the Biggest of the Three

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