Armadillo Willy’s Rewards Customers with Great Food (VIDEO)

Northern California has never been known to be a purveyor of great BBQ, but Armadillo Willy’s has always been, and will always be a bona fide BBQ institution in the Bay Area. This will come as no surprise to those who’ve read founder John Berwald’s blog outlining his intense passion for the art of ‘cue.

Since 1983, Willy’s (as it’s so fondly known by its hoards of loyal patrons) has delivered consistent, mouthwatering BBQ to the locals of the Valley. Fans everywhere brag about how long they’ve been coming to Willy’s for — some have been dedicated to the Armadillo for longer than this writer has lived.

If their award-wining sauces and rubs don’t get your taste buds tingling, Willy’s BBQ is smoked for five to eighteen hours over an on oak wood fire. Because they cook their meats low and slow in batches, they will occasionally sell out of certain items. So come quick and hungry or you might miss out on some of the tenderest brisket and juiciest baby back ribs you will have in your life.

After you’ve assuaged your appetite for all things carnivorous, they offer some of the greatest sides known to man. There’s just something about the combination of crispy sweet potato fries and the best honey mustard dipping sauce this side of the planet that’s enough to drive a person into craving frenzy.

It is the best Texas BBQ outside of Texas. That’s how Willy’s will keep Bay Area denizens religiously coming back for the next thirty years. Not to mention the great rewards program they have that helps you earn these delicious menu items quickly.

Reading Is Awesome, But Seeing Is Better:

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