FiveStars: More Than Just a Loyalty Card

When Matt and Victor sat in a dark, semi-depressing living room writing the first lines of code that would eventually become the awesomeness that is FiveStars, they thought they had a pretty good idea of how people would use it.  It’s a universal punch card.  People are going to use it as a universal punch card, right?


So, for the sake of educating the masses on the crazy stuff they’ve thought up, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what some of the cool and creative alternate uses people have found for their FiveStars Cards.

1.)  FiveStars Lost and Found

It’s happened to all of us.  We set our car keys down on our dresser where we always set them down.  Then, poof!  They’re gone.  You look everywhere.  But the key gnomes have taken them, and there’s no getting those keys back.

Until now.

FiveStars has saved hundreds of keys from the evil clutches of key gnomes.  People who have found lost keys with a FiveStars card attached have either gone to a store or logged on to to get the phone number of the owner.  The owner receives a call.  Keys found.  Take that key stealing gnomes!

FiveStars Keychain Customer Loyalty Card

The Horror.

2.) Dog tags 2.0

On a similar vein as lost keys.  A few FiveStars dog owners have taken to attaching a key-chain card registered under their names to their dogs collar.  Along with the dog’s ID and vaccination tags, FiveStars cards have been used an extra line of defense for lost puppies and puppies that want to get free stuff.

FiveStars Keychain Customer Loyalty Card

I’d throw this puppy a free bone any day!  After he buys ten, of course…

3.)  Prison Shank

Just kidding.

4.)  Guitar Pick

Bro, I know.  Totally gnarly, right?


You might laugh at this suggestion, but when you’re alone on the moonlit beach with your significant other and a steel stringed guitar for conversation, you’ll thank me when your fingers aren’t bleeding.

Ukulele, mandolin, guitar, hammered dulcimer–no problem.  FiveStars can protect your fingers from the ravages of abrasive strings and create beautiful music.


However you use your FiveStars, don’t forget to keep getting great rewards from your favorite local restaurants.  Perhaps you can play guitar with a FiveStars card you found as you return it and the keys attached to it to their owner who is planning on bringing their dog with his FiveStars dog tag.  Who knows?  It could happen.


Jeff Doka is a FiveStars employee. He likes long walks on the beach, moonlit nights, and loyalty cards.  He studied under the great loyalty gurus Ghu Zin Wheng and Cho Ni Bah. Under their minds he grew to new levels of limitless reward card enlightenment.


About jeffdoka

I am Jeff Doka.
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6 Responses to FiveStars: More Than Just a Loyalty Card

  1. Michael Page says:

    Is five Stars in the Northeast yet?

  2. Aunt Janine7 says:

    Do you need anyone to make coffee and copies?

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