FiveStars Improves Yelp Reviews

The FiveStars Loyalty Program is your secret to better reviews, exceptional customer service, and more loyal customers. We have the Yelp testimonials to prove it!

Here are our reviews of the week:

Did you know that each time you scan a customer’s card, you have access to their name and spending habits? FiveStars enables you to tailor your service to each specific customer. You might even end up garnering a review like this:

The guy was going to start a stamp card for me and asked if I had FiveStars, which I do. I handed over my set of keys and he told me that the card I have is out of date and promptly gave me a new one and helped me re-registered the new card. Also, he remembered my name after he gave me my drink, which I have to say, not a lot of people would call me by my name, but I’m happy to see such great customer service from the start.

Tom T. of Highland Park in Los Angeles said of the new Ladybug Tea House in Alhambra.

Did you know customers love you more when you’re part of the FiveStars network? Wallets and cellphones are overwhelmed with individual loyalty cards and apps so when a customer finds a product that makes their life simpler, they’ll be sure to let you know:

I’ve updated my rating from a 4 to a 5 after a few years of going to Rojoz for lunch. The old-fashioned “frequent eater cards” are gone, as Rojoz is now part of the FIVESTARS system ( Now I can use the same little card for Rojoz, Scott’s Seafood, Tutti Frutti, and Round Table Pizza. Sweet!

Art I. from San Jose, CA loves that Rojoz Gourmet Wraps now carries FiveStars.

Did you know that we help you keep your customers coming back by gamifying redemptions? Earning points towards a reward creates buy in for a customer into a business. If they abandon the business, it’s as if all the work they’ve done earning points was for nothing. We don’t want to say which one of our clients this review was written for, but we’re happy that we were able to save one of their customers from leaving.

The fivestars point card system they installed a few months ago, barely keeps me as a customer. I just checked my fivestars account and I see I received four free drinks (not free, just -$2.95 off each purchase). For each drink you get a point, and for every 10 you get a small discount. Connect with facebook and get extra points too.

Koki G. of Los Angeles, CA noted about one of the most popular tea houses in Southern California.

Joining the FiveStars network means so much more than simply rewarding your customers. We aim to help you connect with all of them in meaningful ways both in store and out. Keeping your customers happy, engaged, and loving your business is much easier when you have a team of customer loyalty experts on your side. No need to take our word for it, we think our cardholders’ reviews speak for themselves. There is a reason we’re called FiveStars after all…

Trang is the in-house loyalty consultant at FiveStars. If you’ve been approached by us at all, you’ve most likely spoken to her on the phone. In her free time, Trang enjoys religiously writing yelp reviews of all the restaurants she goes to, stealing mayorships on foursquare, and drawing her signature doodles all over HQ. 

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2 Responses to FiveStars Improves Yelp Reviews

  1. petekaneatl says:

    Good post Trang. Another way to use FiveStars to get more Yelp reviews might be to email your top 100 customers that FiveStars gives you access to and ask them for a review with a link to Yelp. If they are one of your top customers they are more likely to give you a good Yelp review. Cheers

    • Gracie Binder says:

      Great idea, Pete. We’ve also seen some of our clients give out bonus points for customers that write and bring in their positive reviews. We love when businesses on our program get creative!

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