America Stars – How Pure Awesomeness Spreads

FiveStars has been awakened.  Do you hear the drums in the deep!  (yes, this is going to be a Lord of the Rings themed post–deal with it)

Who knew some stupid hobbit would stir FiveStars from the depths of Moria and drive it to expand nationwide?  Well, fellow hobbits, it’s happening.  An age of epically sweet rewards will reign for a millennium.

What steps can you take to adapt to the dawning of the new FiveStars age?

1.)  You have my bow.  And my axe.  And my FiveStars Card.

Beside the obvious first step of stocking up on medieval weaponry, you may also want to get a FiveStars card of your own.

What did you say?  You live in Somewhereville Florida and you don’t think you’ll need a card?

Let’s get something straight, in the next six months, there’ll be a FiveStars card in almost every major city in the country.  It doesn’t matter where you live, we will find you… and give you awesome rewards.  So no more excuses like, “I live a four days drive from the nearest FiveStars location.”  Get ahead of the curve, jump in your car, and get a card!  Either that, or get excited about how soon FiveStars is coming to you.

2.)  Join the horde: as a business or FiveStarian

If you can’t stop the endless swarm of orcs from the East, you may as well make friends with a few.

Isn’t he a sweetheart?

So how can you join the ranks?

Well, if you are a business, just click here: and we’ll take care of the rest.  Don’t forget to leave your contact info under schedule a demo, so we know who to talk to.

But if you are just an Average Joe with an undying passion for FiveStars and world domination, we’ve got something for you too.  E-mail and join us.  Yes, there’s a big chance we’ll read over your resume laughing to ourselves and wondering why you thought experience as a tree herder was relevant, but for those of you who dare and have relevant work experience there’s a chance.  Also being super pumped about FiveStars and supporting small business helps too!

3.)  Spread the word

Ok so you have an awesome part time job that pays you gajillions of dollars for kicking your feet up on your desk and throwing little basketballs into a hoop on your office door.  You’re well on your way to buying that yacht.  And even if the FiveStars office was in Gondor and made of diamonds, you still wouldn’t leave your current position.  I don’t blame you.

But let’s say you still want to make the world a better place, filled with awesome rewards?  How can you get the best of both worlds?

Be this guy.  (this guy only appears in the Silmarillion)

You can get the shirt at JC Penny’s

It’s honestly not that hard.  Every time you grab a bite to eat at your local businesses, ask them if they accept FiveStars.  If they do, awesome!  If not, throw the biggest, loudest temper tantrum you possibly can.  Just kidding–but tell them a little bit about us and why you think we are the bees knees.

Also, don’t forget to tell your friends to get their FiveStars cards.  Who would want to deprive their best buddies of sweet rewards?


Long story short, get excited and get involved.  There’s a lot of cool stuff we are doing in your neighborhood.  And if we’re not there yet, let us know, and we’ll get there faster–signing up a few of your business owner friends doesn’t hurt either.  Muster the Rohirrim!  Onward!!!


Jeff Doka is a FiveStars employee. He likes long walks on the beach, moonlit nights, and loyalty cards.  He studied under the great loyalty gurus Ghu Zin Wheng and Cho Ni Bah. Under their minds he grew to new levels of limitless reward card enlightenment.


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I am Jeff Doka.
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2 Responses to America Stars – How Pure Awesomeness Spreads

  1. acwall says:

    Stoked to be a part of the Fellowship, and hopefully lead the horde as well.

  2. bshane54 says:

    One Card to Rule Them All!

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