How to Register Your FiveStars Card

So, you’ve picked up a FiveStars card at one of our locations…Congratulations! This makes you an early adopter of technology that’s changing how businesses think about customer loyalty. We’re excited about it and we hope you are too! By now, we assume you’ve also figured out that you can use your new card (or just your phone number) at any and all of the locations in our growing network. So how do you make the most of this new technology? Here are the 3 quick steps you need to get started:

Step 1: Go to http://www.fivestars.comhow to register my FiveStars card

This will take you to the home page of our website. All you have to do here is enter the same phone numberyou gave at the store when you picked up your card.

Step 2: Create Your Accounthow to see FiveStars card points

Enter your name, email, and create a password for your FiveStars account. This will allow you to see how many points and rewards you have at all the locations you visit.

Step 3: Choose How You Connectconnect Fivestars card to facebook

At this point you have two options: connect to Facebook or skip this step. There are 4 great reasons to connect your FiveStars card to your Facebook account.

  1. You automatically earn 1 bonus point to 5 different locations of your choosing!

    connect fivestars card to facebook social media customer loyalty card program

    Here’s what a checkin post looks like

  2. We’ll automatically check you in on Facebook so you can show your friends where you’re hanging out
  3. Every time you earn a reward it’ll get posted on your wall so you can brag about all the cool stuff you’re earning
  4. You earn points way faster! That’s right, you’ll find yourself earning free stuff faster than all your friends just because you’ve opted in to our Facebook sharing features…Winning!

If for some reason these perks don’t interest you, just click “no thanks.” We’ll still give you 3 bonus points. You’re welcome. 🙂

social media customer loyalty card program connect

Here’s what a reward post looks like

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2 Responses to How to Register Your FiveStars Card

  1. says:

    Your website five is “404 not found”.

    • Gracie Binder says:

      Yes, our website went down for a few hours today due to network issues with Amazon. A bunch of other companies were affected as well (Pinterest, FourSquare, AirBnB, etc). So sorry for the inconvenience, it was out of our hands. In the future, you can also check in with our Facebook or Twitter accounts. That’s where we keep everyone posted when rare issues like this occur. Thanks for your patience!

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