Text Message Marketing for Small Businesses

Text message marketing is a huge up and coming trend for businesses of all sizes. The reason behind it is the tremendously high open rate. For instance, traditional forms of email marketing see an average open rate of only 20%. With text message marketing, that number skyrockets to 90%! Think about it, you receive a text message on your phone, even if it’s from an unknown number you at least read it right? Well your customers are all doing the exact same thing! When used correctly, it can easily be your most effective marketing tool…

So how do you make sure your text message marketing efforts are driving real value to your customers (and your business)? The first step is to make sure you’re delivering an offer that makes sense to send to your customers’ phone. Otherwise, they’ll most likely opt out of the service and walk away with a bad customer experience. A good rule of thumb is to always take a step back and ask yourself, would I want this message going to my cell phone? If that answer is anything other than a strong yes, don’t send it!

Here are a few examples of great text message marketing strategies that were executed with proven results by current FiveStars clients:

Increase Foot Traffic Day Of 

This is an easy and effective way to increase traffic during your slower days and/or times. 

Increase Foot Traffic Text Message Marketing

Increase Foot Traffic Text Message Marketing

Seasonal Specials

There’s no reason to waste your money on expensive flyers when you can get the message straight to your customers’ phones at the perfect time.

Seasonal Text Message Marketing

Segmented Promotions & Customer Referral Incentives

Special text message deals are a great way to encourage current customers to bring in their friends. Once you enroll this new customer to your loyalty program, you’ll expand your database, effectively increasing your marketing reach.

Customer Referral Text Message Marketing

The FiveStars Benefit:

Unlike other text message marketing providers on the market, FiveStars uses the spending behavior data tracked through your customized loyalty program to offer you very targeted customer segments. This enables you to choose what type of customer you want to deliver your message to, whether it’s just your VIPS, your new customers, or those who haven’t stopped by in a few months. You’ll also be able to build a much larger database of customers than you would with any other text message marketing program. Customers are much more likely to sign up for your loyalty program than they are for a standalone texting service because they’re offered a tangible incentive, the reward.

To learn more about how FiveStars can help your business, take a quick moment to fill out the form below:

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