4 Ways to Kickstart Your Loyalty Program for the New Year

2013 is here! Let’s make this the year you truly connect with and grow your customer base. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your FiveStars loyalty program:

1. Reevaluate Your Loyalty Program Strategy

If you’ve been using the FiveStars Loyalty Automation Platform for at least a few months, you’ll already have a general idea of how your customers are responding to it. So I suggest you ask yourself, “do my customers like the reward I’m offering?” If there isn’t a clear answer in your mind, it might be time to ask them. The key to signing up all of your customers is to provide loyalty incentives they actually value.

Loyalty Program Ideas

You’d be surprised by how many customers now come in every day in pursuit of that iPad!

The easiest way to figure out what rewards your customers want is to simply ask them when they come in. After a little research, if you find there are a few things your customers seem to like, your FiveStars program can easily be customized to incorporate all of them. With more reward options, you greatly increase the likelihood that all of your customers will be motivated by at least one. Here’s a great example from a client in San Francisco, I-Creation:

2. Login To Your Customer Engagement Toolkit

While the FiveStars POS Relationship Manager (the software on your POS), is all you really need to run a great loyalty program, you can easily bring your efforts to the next level by taking advantage of our Customer Engagement Toolkit. If you haven’t already, go to our website and login to your account. If you can’t remember your login info, give your dedicated account manager a call or send us a quick email to support@fivestars.com.

Once you login, take a few minutes to look around. On your main dashboard you’ll be able to see useful information such as how many customers you’ve registered to your program, how many referrals have come from within the FiveStars cardholder network, as well as how many rewards have been redeemed. This is also a great place to assess your program’s strengths and weaknesses in order to set meaningful goals for the new year.

3. Send An “At Risk” Email

Your Customer Engagement Toolkit has more than just an analytics dashboard; it also has some powerful tools that help you retain and stay connected with your customers. The main perk of having a POS integrated loyalty platform is that you can finally connect your marketing tools to actual customer purchasing behavior. Unlike standalone email and text message programs, FiveStars helps you target your messages to customers that are most receptive to them.

Customer Retention Loyalty Email

The perfect way to bring back lost customers

For instance, the FiveStars Customer Engagement Toolkit can help make sure you never lose a customer again. Whenever a customer hasn’t made a purchase at your store in a few months, we automatically flag them as an “at risk” customer. Try getting some customers back in the door by sending them a thoughtful email. Here’s an example that was very successful for a client of ours in Dallas, Smoothie Factory:

4. Try A Text Message Campaign

Text message marketing is the most effective new way to reach your customers, and you have everything you need to run a successful campaign right from your Customer Engagement Toolkit. What sets this type of marketing apart from more traditional forms is the extremely high open rate, the ability to deliver immediate value, and the satisfaction of seeing fast results. Additionally, just like with our email campaigns, you can target your messages to specific types of customers. To get started, I suggest you identify what type of goal you wish to accomplish with your first campaign. For example, do you want to increase foot traffic during your slowest hours/days or do you want to get more customer referrals? Keeping the end goal in mind allows you to effectively create and target an effective text message campaign. For more ideas on how to use our targeted text message features, take a look at my last blog post.

If all of this sounds great to you, but there’s one big problem, you don’t have the FiveStars Loyalty Automation Platform, just take a few seconds to fill out the form below. We’d love to learn more about your business and show you how our program can make your life easier. 

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