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FiveStars 2012 Update — This May Be The Last Blog You Ever Read

THE END IS NIGH!!!  The Mayans have predicted:  2012 is the end!  I just hope I can still get presents… As you enjoy earth for the last day, we knew the one thing on your bucket list was getting a … Continue reading

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America Stars – How Pure Awesomeness Spreads

FiveStars has been awakened.  Do you hear the drums in the deep!  (yes, this is going to be a Lord of the Rings themed post–deal with it)

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FiveStars: More Than Just a Loyalty Card

When Matt and Victor sat in a dark, semi-depressing living room writing the first lines of code that would eventually become the awesomeness that is FiveStars, they thought they had a pretty good idea of how people would use it.  … Continue reading

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A Big Week for the FiveStars

I know we’ve had more than one of these “big week” / “big month” / “big year” articles.  To me that celebration and excitement is the best part of a start-up.  It’s one of the few jobs out there, where … Continue reading

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FiveStars Frequently Asked Questions

If you have ever studied the eternal art of customer support, you’ll notice a name appear again and again in the ancient texts: Jessica.  Here at FiveStars, Jessica has manned the customer support lines with heroic will.  Got a stupid … Continue reading

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Get Involved with FiveStars — Become the Next Star

If you are reading this blog, there’s 40% chance you’ve got a decent idea of what FiveStars is and what we do.  If you don’t, read this: You and Your FiveStars Card.  Now that you’ve read that, you understand.  Yes, … Continue reading

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You and Your FiveStars Card – Part 2 (The Facebook)

You’ve had a long day, and you know the one thing that can make it a little bit shorter is a extra large boba tea from Verde Tea Cafe.  As you squeeze into line, you notice the person at the … Continue reading

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