A True Advocate For Local Businesses

Historically, new technology has always been slow to trickle down to the local business level. With Fortune 500s pouring millions of dollars into research teams and hi-tech developments aimed at deriving more revenue from consumers, smaller businesses have been left completely behind. The rapidly increasing technology gap between large corporations and small businesses has led to a few very disconcerting repercussions. Most importantly, it’s making it harder than ever for local businesses to stay competitive with their corporate counterparts. Additionally, this disparity has led to a troubling trend in the ways that many technology companies attempt to capitalize on the huge opportunity that the local space provides.

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Text Message Marketing for Small Businesses

Text message marketing is a huge up and coming trend for businesses of all sizes. The reason behind it is the tremendously high open rate. For instance, traditional forms of email marketing see an average open rate of only 20%. With text message marketing, that number skyrockets to 90%! Think about it, you receive a text message on your phone, even if it’s from an unknown number you at least read it right? Well your customers are all doing the exact same thing! When used correctly, it can easily be your most effective marketing tool…
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Loyalty Programs: One of the Hottest Trends for Retailers in 2013

Our CEO, Victor Ho, has a featured article in RetailingToday.com discussing loyalty programs as a big trend for retailers in 2013!

Victor Ho FiveStars CEO and Co-Founder

Victor Ho, FiveStars CEO and Co-Founder

The last few years have witnessed the emergence of ‘daily deals’ as the major marketing innovation for small to medium sized retailers. With the promise of reaching thousands of potential new customers, businesses have eagerly signed up with companies like Groupon and LivingSocial, offering deep discounts as a lure for new customers. As popular as these programs have become, there has been little discussion of whether they actually work. Do ‘daily deals’ genuinely help the retailers that use them? That is, are the large discounts worth the price? Are they generating new customers or merely providing established customers with giveaways? And finally, if retailers aren’t seeing long-term benefits from ‘daily deals,’ is there something else on the horizon that might actually produce the desired results?

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FiveStars Loyalty Launches in Chicago!

It’s the moment thousands of you have been waiting for! Now you can use your FiveStars card all over Chicago!

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How to Register Your FiveStars Card

So, you’ve picked up a FiveStars card at one of our locations…Congratulations! This makes you an early adopter of technology that’s changing how businesses think about customer loyalty. We’re excited about it and we hope you are too! By now, we assume you’ve also figured out that you can use your new card (or just your phone number) at any and all of the locations in our growing network. So how do you make the most of this new technology? Here are the 3 quick steps you need to get started: Continue reading

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FiveStars in Forbes

This past Tuesday the FiveStars team was featured in Forbes! For the complete article, click below:

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Customer Loyalty Program Ideas That Work!

We’re holding a special webinar today, October 10th, at 5:00pm PST.

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