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How Loyalty Automation Will Drive Small Business Sales in 2013

Recently I wrote in TechCrunch about how loyalty automation is going to be one of the major benefits of big data and SaaS applications finally coming to small businesses. In this blog post, I want to explore more of what … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Kickstart Your Loyalty Program for the New Year

2013 is here! Let’s make this the year you truly connect with and grow your customer base. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you get the most out of your FiveStars loyalty program:

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How will technology impact local businesses in 2013?

Tools in a local business owner’s marketing toolkit typically drive discovery, promotion, and loyalty for his/her business. For many business owners, this is also the typical order of operations. First, a business needs to be “discoverable.” This means it should … Continue reading

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Loyalty Programs: One of the Hottest Trends for Retailers in 2013

Our CEO, Victor Ho, has a featured article in RetailingToday.com discussing loyalty programs as a big trend for retailers in 2013! The last few years have witnessed the emergence of ‘daily deals’ as the major marketing innovation for small to … Continue reading

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Daily Deals vs. Loyalty: How to Get Your Customers to Come Back!

There are well over 5,000+ daily deal companies worldwide! The industry grew rapidly because of the lure and excitement of advertising for “free.” Even though as the business you only get 25% of the amount of which the voucher is … Continue reading

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Why Should I Invest in a Customer Loyalty Program?

Oftentimes our potential clients ask, “Do you really think rewarding my customers will lead to higher returns for my business?” We don’t just think so, we know so! Customer loyalty is not a new concept. Many studies have proven that well executed loyalty programs create significantly larger profit margins in competitive markets. Why do you think large corporations like Starbucks, CVS, and Safeway (just to name a few) invest MILLIONS of dollars into their customer loyalty programs?

Here are a few reasons: Continue reading

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Armadillo Willy’s Rewards Customers with Great Food (VIDEO)

Northern California has never been known to be a purveyor of great BBQ, but Armadillo Willy’s has always been, and will always be a bona fide BBQ institution in the Bay Area. This will come as no surprise to those … Continue reading

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